Participation Inclusion and Engagement
of Communities in Europe

PIECE is an Erasmus+ KA2 project in the field of adult education which aims to strengtening and empowering communities through education and training

Project aims

In today’s world, the digital innovations and the challenges of globalisation have changed the fabric of society forever. It is becoming rarer and rarer for people to be in touch with their local communities and to create networks that are both local and offline. We believe that education and skill enhancement can help fight these trends which are more and more common in modern societies and that is why this project aims to address the needs of communities in Europe through the training, education, and empowerment of community workers. The people that will take part in the project and benefit from the project’s intellectual outputs will enhance their skills and employability and in turn enhance the social inclusion, skills, and employability of the people they will train, involve in their activities, and come in contact with thus creating a virtuous circle of empowerment. This project has the potential to impact not only community workers and existing communities but also to help people create community spaces and activities.

  • Community workers
  • Community organisation
  • Stakeholders in community engagement

  • IO1: Needs of the target group
  • IO2: Materials for the Target Group
  • E-learning platform for Upskilling and Empowerment of the target group