Intellectial outputs will be published on this page as soon as they are ready

IO1 – PIECE Analysis: Mapping and Identifying the Needs of the Target Group

This output is an analysis of the needs of our target group. All the data collected from each organisation has been summarised in a report and published here for free consultation.

Click on the link to download the FULL REPORT


IO2 – PIECE Activities: Material for the Target Group

Based on the needs and the topics identified in IO1 we will develop material for the target group to help them run sessions in their local communities, to train people on community engagement and participation, and to encourage people to take part in community activities.

IO3 – PIECE Online: E-Learning Platform for the Upskilling and Empowerment of the Target Group

This IO will be an online learning platform that will train people on the topics identified in IO1 and already covered in IO2. The platform will be aimed at people that already work as community workers or with communities in different capacities or people interested in getting involved in this field. Participants will receive a certificate of attendance after having successfully completed all the hours of the online course.